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Travel back in time and discover lost worlds in this collection of puzzle adventure games!

Mahjong Mysteries – Ancient Egypt

Help the Mahjong adventurers go in search for the Lost Temple and follow the clues through the blistering sands of the desert to the fertile banks of the Nile, until you reach the mighty pyramids. Only by correctly combining the hieroglyphics will you complete all 300 mahjong levels. Play in Adventure Mode and enjoy the mythical atmosphere or play your favourite Mahjong board in Classic Mode with difficulty levels to choose from!

300 mysterious Mahjong levels

10 game variations - including Freecell, Shuffle, Match, 10 Seconds and many more

Liong – The Lost Amulets

Long ago five magical amulets were treasured by Oriental wise men. These amulets held the five natural elements in balance. Restore harmony to nature by finding the lost amulets. Liong: The Lost Amulets is a combination of hidden object games and tile-matching puzzles and also has a variety of mini games. Along your journey you`ll visit hundreds of unique locations and collect power-up pearls. Reveal the magic spells and restore the sparkling gems of the magical amulets.

100+ levels of game play

Challenging Mini-Games

Empire Builder; Ancient Egypt

In Empire Builder: Ancient Egypt, you meet a series of powerful pharaohs that need your help building an empire along the lush Nile River to solidify their life legacy. This detailed Strategy game challenges you to protect your people from locust plagues and terrifying mummies, while creating some of the Wonders of the World!

Complete 30 levels of play

Activate Amulet Power-Ups to help complete levels

Box Contains

3 x CD-ROMs